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Start Building Your Dry Eye Routine Today!


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Are You Ready To Feel Everyday Relief From Your Dry Eye Symptoms?

Click the button below to visit My Program, for a free, step-by-step dry eye program.  My Program will help you build a dry eye routine to success and stay consistent!  It will also benefit many other aspects including your skin, hair, nails, mood, energy, sleep, physical fitness, and much more!


Click this link to see if you suffer from dry eye disease symptoms, and if you could benefit from a treatment program.

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 You're Not Alone!

My Dry Eye Journey to Relief

Discover my dry eye journey to relief! Read my story on how I found everyday comfort from my severe MGD, blepharitis, allergy, and aqueous deficiency symptoms.

I believe it is important for me to share with others how I personally found relief, and that there is hope!

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OTC Eye Drop Routine

Discover how OTC eye drops can do much more than lubricate your eyes.

Use my OTC eye drop routine for relief in various symptoms of dry eyes.


Daily Eyelid Hygiene routine

Look at cleaning your eyelids/ lashes daily as you would like brushing your teeth. 

Keeping up with proper eyelid hygiene will prevent future symptoms, and effectively treat your blepharitis / MGD symptoms.


Prescription Eye Drops/In-office dry eye procedures

Find prescription eye drops, medications, and in-office procedures that you may benefit from. 

See how 4 sessions of IPL drastically improved my symptoms.


Other Lifestyle Benefits

Find out how treating dry eyes can improve many other areas of your overall lifestyle.  Use treating your dry eye symptoms as a chance to also improve your physical health, skin, mood, energy levels, and so much more!

Dry Eye Syndrome Daily Checklist & Routine
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My Top 5 OTC Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops for Relief 

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A-Z Eye Drop List

View my A-Z list of all common over-the-counter drops and find the eye drop that best suits your needs!


A-Z Eyelid Hygiene Products

View my A-Z list of effective eyelid wipes, sprays, and scrubs!

Calm Sea



Welcome Everybody!

As a person who has struggled for several years from dry eye disease, I have found substantial relief. I think it’s extremely valuable to share with others having similar problems, tips and tricks that I personally use to find day to day comfort.


I have created this website, as an important source to share this information, because I can connect to others who have had the same feeling of giving up that I had, and show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 


Throughout this website you will find checklists, routines, and other tools to assist keep you organized in building consistency. I will also explain how I was able to get my Lipiview numbers from 18 to 90, while also taking it as an opportunity to become healthier in other aspects of my life.

Under My Story you will find my journey to everyday comfort.  To follow my in depth routine to relief, visit My Program.

Welcome to your journey to relief!

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