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Find Out What Eye Drop Will Best Suit Your Needs!

Over-The-Counter A-Z Eye Drop List

eye drops for dry eyes

Discover in-depth information about every common eye drop available on the market!

A-Z Eye Drop Product List

This is an A-Z list of all common eye drops you can purchase. Each eye drop on this list is clickable and has in depth information about it.  The information each eye drop will  have, includes which ingredients the eye drop contains, if I would personally use it to treat my symptoms, advantages/ dis-advantages, if they are safe drops to use with contacts, where to purchase the eye drop, along with much more valuable information.

Go through my in depth list to see what eye drop best suits your needs!  View more on building Over-The-Counter eye drops into your dry eye routine by visiting my Over-The-Counter drops page.

Each drop listed on my A-Z product list is highlighted to match which category of eye drop it falls under. (color coated)  Here are the following categories each eye drop on my A-Z list will fall under.  Find effective night time ointments listed below the eye drops.

Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops

Preservative-Free Lipid-Based Eye Drops

Preservative-Free Night Time Gel Eye Drops

Lubricant Eye Drops Containing Preservatives

Lipid-Based Eye Drops Containing Preservatives

Night Time Gel Eye Drops Containing Preservatives

Antihistamine Allergy Eye Drops

Redness Reliever Eye Drops

Specialty Eye Drops






  • Genteal Tears Blog Coming Soon

  • Genteal Tears (Preservative-Free) Blog Coming Soon











Find a list of prescription eye drops for severe cases of dry eyes, by clicking this link!

Eye Ointments for Overnight Relief

Eye ointments are toothpaste-like consistency. These ointments come in a small tube and you squeeze the product out, just like you would with toothpaste. You squeeze a small amount (usually 1/4") onto your lower eyelid margin prior to going to bed. Eye ointments will keep your eyes moist, help to protect your eyes from injury and infection, and decrease symptoms of dry eyes such as burning, stinging, itching, and feeling as if something is in your eye. 


Use your ointment 10 minutes after using your thick gel drop for maximum ocular hydration and protection throughout the night!



I-Defence is a long-lasting, lubricating ointment that delivers superior moisturizing and protection of the ocular surface.

manuka honey ointment

Manuka Honey Ointment

Helps stabilize your ocular surface health from dry eye symptoms such as sore, irritated eyes and eyelids. 


Muro 128

This product is used to reduce swelling of the surface of the eye (cornea) in certain eye conditions.

Ocunox ointment

Ocunox Ointment

Ocunox improves the tear film and protects the surface of the eye.


Optase Ointment

A smooth and easy to apply night-time eye ointment to ease the symptoms of night-time dry eye.

refresh pm.png

Refresh P.M

Soothes your eyes while you sleep and protects them from night time dryness due to exposure. 


Retaine P.M

Designed to keep your eyes lubricated and comfortable while you sleep.


Systane Ointment

Rich ointment for night time relief. Lubricates and comforts dry eyes.


Soothe Ointment

This formula contains two lubricants to relieve dryness of the eye and help protect against further irritation and discomfort. 

Top 5 Allergy Drops

View My Personal Top 5 Antihistamine Eye Drops for Relieving Eye Allergies Quickly!

Top 6

View My Personal Top 6 Lubricant Eye Drops For Hydrating and Moisturizing Your Eye to Relieve Symptoms of Irritation and Burning Caused by Dryness.


Top 5 Night Time Drops/ Ointments

View My Personal Top 5 Night Time Drops/ Ointments for Finding Dry Eye Relief Overnight!


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