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Importance of Consistency and Organization In Your Dry Eye Routine

My Personal Top 3 Tips for a Consistent Dry Eye Program


Wake Up Earlier

It is impossible to have a consistent morning dry eye routine, if you don't give yourself enough time to do so.  Adding all of the steps necessary, so that I could build a consistent and effective morning dry eye routine, added about 30 minutes to me getting ready.  Give yourself enough time so that you don't rush through your morning dry eye routine or skip it altogether.

Have All of Your Dry Eye Supplies Prepared

It is hard to have a consistent and effective dry eye routine if you don't have the supplies needed to do so.  Make sure that you are stocked up on everything you need to have a quality dry eye program.  This includes various eye drops, dry eye supplements, eyelid wipes / scrubs, and anything else you use in your daily dry eye routine.  The worst thing is finding improvement in your dry eyes, only for it to come to a halt, because you run out of your products that were helping benefit your symptoms.  Click here for my dry eye supplies list.

Build a Quality Dry Eye Routine and Keep a Checklist


My daily checklist I used to find everyday dry eye comfort can be found here.

I find it important to have a checklist as a reminder to complete every step in your dry eye routine. Before I started using a daily checklist, I would miss steps all the time. A checklist helps you stay organized, and gives you a great sense of accomplishment upon completing it. Keeping a checklist is also a good way to log your progress and consistency.

Stay Consistent In Your Dry Eye Routine, With These Organization  + Consistency Tips & Dry Eye Routine Blog Posts

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