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In-Office Dry Eye Procedures and Prescription Dry Eye Medications/ Eye Drops

Could You benefit from a dry eye prescription or procedure?

If you have severe dry eye symptoms, you may benefit from one of the prescription eye drops/ medications or in-office procedure options listed below.  Ask your eye doctor about being prescribed one of these prescription dry eye treatments if you think it could benefit your symptoms.  

I would recommend using my dry eye checklist for 3 months without prescriptions as this could be enough for you to find relief in your symptoms naturally.   

If you haven't found relief after 3 months of consistent and quality eyelid hygiene, use of OTC preservative-free eye drops, a quality anti-inflammatory diet, and environmental changes, try adding one of these prescription or procedure options to your dry eye routine.  Use these dry eye in-office procedures/ prescription options listed below to effectively treat severe MGD, blepharitis, and aqueous deficiency.




-Various Steroid Drops (Lotemax, FML)


-Autologous Serum Drops (Drops Made From Your White Blood Cells)

Oral Medications To Benefit Dry Eyes



-Azithromycin (Z Pak)

Dry Eye Procedures


-IPL for Dry Eyes


-Dry Eye Accupuncture



Use This Dry Eye Step Ladder as a Guide for Steps on Which Prescriptions to Use to Benefit Your Eyes, and Which Order to Try Them In.  Thanks to Sandra Lora Cremers for This Amazing Guide!

Procedure & Prescription Blog Posts for Dry Eye Relief

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