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Find Out What Dry Eye Conditions You May Suffer From, and How You Can Treat Your Symptoms Effectively

Dry eye symptoms and conditions

Non-Prescription Treatment Options for Your Dry Eye Conditions



-Preservative-free eye drops


-Night Ointments

-Moisture chamber goggles



-Environmental Changes

-Antihistamine eye drops

-Eyelid cleaning routine to remove allergens



-Warm Compresses

-Lipid-based eye drops

-Omega 3/6 supplements

-Nulids Device



-Eyelid wipes

-Hypochlorous Acid Spray

-Optimel Manuka Honey Eye Drops

Add the above non-prescription treatment options to your dry eye routine daily.  Doing this will attack your dry eye conditions from all-angles, consistently. This will lead to your eyes being able to heal so that they can get back to normal, before dry eyes were an issue.

Try to consistently use all of the above Over-The-Counter eye treatments in correlation with each other.  Be patient as it can take 3 months to notice improvement.

If you aren't getting as much relief as you had hoped for from the OTC treatments, then you may benefit from adding a prescription eye drop or procedure to your treatment routine.  Visit my dry eye prescription/ procedure page for options that may help your severe dry eye symptoms, and how I personally found relief doing 4 sessions of IPL.

Even though you start a prescription, still remember to continue your non-prescription treatment routine.  It is best to hit dry eye disease from multiple angles.  Many different factors could be causing your dry eye symptoms, and 1 product probably won't be able to help you find overall relief.

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