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My mission is to help others suffering from dry eyes, MGD, and blepharitis symptoms, to get back to their normal life, before dry eyes were a problem. 


As someone who had suffered for 5 years from severe symptoms of dry eyes, MGD, and blepharitis, I think it is important to share with others how I found relief, and that there is hope!  View My Story Here.


It’s extremely valuable for me to share with others having similar problems, tips, tools, tricks, and quality products that I personally used to find everyday comfort.    


My website/program will save you tons of time, by building you an all-around daily dry eye routine for success.  Your checklist will keep you consistent/organized while hitting your symptoms from all-angles, inside-out.  I spent 100's of hours researching dry eye treatments to build this effective checklist, so that you can save the time, and start your dry eye journey today!

My website will also explain in-office procedure options that you can try, and who might benefit from them. Try one of these procedure options if you have severe dry eye symptoms, and you aren't finding as much relief as you'd hoped for with my daily checklist.


Throughout this website you will find checklists, routines, and other tools to assist in keeping you organized and in building consistency.


I will also explain how I was able to get my Lipiview numbers from 18 to 90, while also taking it as an opportunity to become healthier in all other aspects of my life.


Why Wait For Dry Eye Relief?

Start One of My Free Challenges Today!

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