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Nutrition and Supplements to Improve Your Dry Eye Symptoms From The Inside


Improve Your Dry Eye Symptoms With Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the main components to improve your dry eye symptoms.  I strongly believe that without proper diet and nutrition, you will not be able to find relief.  Nutrition attacks your underlying conditions from the inside. 


An anti-inflammatory diet will not only help with dry eyes by lowering inflammation, but is also great for:

-Heart Protection

-Pain Management due to aging (arthritis

-Recovery in exercise and physical training

-Improved blood sugar/ cholesterol levels

-Improved energy/mood

-Improved Digestion 

-Better quality of life


Click Here to View My A-Z List of Over 100 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes That You Can Add to Your Meal Plan, to Lower Systemic Inflammation and Improve Your Dry Eyes!


Below are blog posts on anti-inflammatory meal ideas, snack ideas, dry eye supplements, and what to avoid!

I would also recommend downloading a meal tracker and calorie tracker app, to have access to additional meal plans, and help you to stay more organized/ consistent with it.


Other Tips When Following Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet:

  • Eliminate Grain-based foods as they can contribute to total body inflammation

  • Eat naturally raised meat

  • Be sure to get at least 25-40 grams of fiber

  • Use only traditional fats and oils to cook with 

  • Consume a sufficient amount of anti-oxidants

  • Don't use natural sweeteners, unless it is sparingly

  • Make your own salad dressing using flax oil or natural vinegar

  • Use filtered water for cooking and drinking (Reverse Osmosis)

  • Use unrefined sea salt and a variety of herbs and spices to give your food flavor

  • Avoid All sugar, processed grains, "White foods" (flour, salt, sugar, rice, potatoes, milk, etc..)

Dry Eye Nutrition/ Supplement Blogs

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