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Discover Different Types of OTC Eye Drops for Relief In Various Dry Eye Symptoms


Over-The-Counter lubrication eye drops are important in finding relief during the day and long-term. 

Consistently using a preservative-free eye drop such as Hylo, or Optase can extremely benefit your overall dry eye symptoms.

Not only will you get relief immediately, they will also help with healing your eyes over time.  Quality preservative-free drops can contain active ingredients that create a shield-like barrier to help protect and heal your cornea.  Using quality preservative-free lubrication drops will also help prevent you from rubbing your eyes as often, which could lead to further damage/ discomfort.

Preservative-free eye drops also can be used as many times throughout the day as needed, and most are safe to use with contacts lenses.


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The use of allergy eye drops can be very important for relieving symptoms of itchiness, redness, and irritation.  Find a quality antihistamine eye drop that works well for you.  Alaway and Pataday are great choices for an allergy eye drop.  Carry your allergy drop with you anywhere you go, in case your allergy symptoms arise.  You will then be prepared to relieve your symptoms of itchiness without rubbing your eyes. Rubbing your eyes will irritate them, potentially leading to damage, and more dry eye problems.  You can also use a cold compress to find quick comfort in your burning, itching symptoms.


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Night Time Ointments

Night time ointments and gels are made thicker to help stay in your eyes longer, to prevent evaporation of your tears overnight.  These gels/ ointments are important to use nightly as this is most people's worst time for dry eye symptoms. Having an ointment/ gel will help your eyes heal, and keep them moisturized.  Not using ointments/ gels at night time can lead to ocular discomfort throughout the night and upon awaking.  This dryness can lead to scratching of your ocular surface. 

I like to use a gel drop such as Hylo Gel or Thealoz Duo Gel, and then add an ointment following the gel drop, for a double hydration barrier overnight.  Since doing this, I have woken up with much fresher feeling eyes.


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Lipid-based eye drops are specifically used to treat MGD and the lipid layer of your tear film. These drops will still lubricate your eyes and replenish deficient aqueous, but also contain natural oils for an all-around balanced tear film. 

I had terrible meibomian gland dysfunction disease, and I found dramatic improvement when using Refresh Optive Flaxseed Mega-3, and I-Drop-MGD eye drops.  

I used these drops around 10 times a day when I began them, and within 2 weeks I cut that number in half to 5. 

Consistently using these drops when your eyes are dry will help your eyes build-up the drop, helping you use less over time.


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Optimel Manuka Honey eye drops contain Manuka Honey which is special honey from New Zealand. This honey contains many beneficial properties for dry eyes. These properties include Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, and Antioxidant Benefits.

Optimel Manuka Honey contains an active ingredient known as Methylglyoxal which helps kill bacteria in your eyes. Methylglyoxal is also loaded with healing compounds, and antioxidant properties. This active ingredient also stabilizes the health of your ocular surface by creating a micro-environment. This micro environment creates a shield, and within this shield the honeys properties heal your ocular surface, and prevent bacteria from reaching your eyes.

I found extreme improvement in my dry eye, allergy, and blepharitis symptoms when using this drop consistently morning and night.

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Using OTC Eye Drops As Part of Your Daily Dry Eye Routine For Long-Term Success

Preservative-free Lubrication Drops

-Use first thing in the morning (before you do anything else)

-As many times throughout the day as needed (Whenever you feel dryness/ discomfort)

-Most are safe to use with contacts if not lipid based.


**TIP** Keep a bottle by your bedside for quick relief in the middle of the night.

Eye Drops For seasonal allergies

-Use everyday in the morning to prevent future allergies throughout the day (Pataday, Alaway, Zaditor)

-Take your preferred antihistamine eye drop with you wherever you go for relief of itchiness whenever your symptoms arise.

Night time eye drops

-Use everyday before going to bed for relief overnight by preventing the evaporation of tears.


-For the most relief and retained moisture to your eyes overnight, I found using both a gel drop and then an ointment to seal in the drop gave me the best results. (I personally use Hylo Gel and then Ocunox ointment). 

After doing this for the first time, I woke up with much better feeling eyes opposed to previously when just using one or the other.

Manuka Honey Eye Drops

-Consistently use Optimel Manuka Honey eye drops morning and night for the best results! (everyday)

-Optimel also makes a gel for overnight use with a stronger formula for more severe dry eye cases.

Using Manuka honey eye drops consistently will help your eyes control bacteria, lower inflammation, and stay lubricated!

Follow my Over-The-Counter eye drop routine along with my eye lid hygiene routine for maximum results. 

Remember you need to hit your dry eye symptoms from all angles to find relief!

How To Instill Your Eye Drops

-Place two fingers an inch below your eyelids

-Gently pull down and create a pocket with your eyelid

-Use your other hand to hold the bottle, pointing the tip down.

-Make sure to avoid contact to your eye with the tip of the bottle (Hold about 1-2 inches from your eye)

-Squeeze the bottle to instill your eye drop

-Try to leave your eyes closed for a minute to let the eye drop fully absorb (blinking could force drops out of your eye)

-Pinch the inner part of your nose (Tear Duct) during this minute to avoid eye drops draining through your tear duct, making them less effective.

-Enjoy the benefits of your eye drop! :)

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