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My Top Dry Eye Products 

Find Out In My Blogs Which Dry Eye Products Benefitted Me The Most.

Add These Products to Your Dry Eye Routine for Amazing Results In Your Dry Eye Symptoms!

In my blog posts below, you will find my top recommendations for various dry eye products. Find information on when/ how often to use these products, how they work, where to purchase them, and why they are effective for treating your dry eye symptoms.


These products include:

-My top preservative-free eye drops

-My top lid wipes/ eyelid scrubs

-My top allergy eye drops

-My top night time eye drop gels/ ointments

-My top advanced dry eye home therapy products

-My top warm compress for dry eyes

These quality dry eye products when used consistently and in conjunction with each other, can dramatically improve various symptoms of dry eyes including: Itchy eyes, swollen eyes, red eyes, sore aching eyes, dry itchy eyelids, and many more symptoms.


Discover what product you may benefit from!


These products helped me find relief, so I know they can help you too!   

Top Dry Eye Products to Purchase for a Successful Routine + Top 4 Steps to Take for Relief in Your  Dry Eye Symptoms


Cleanse your eyes daily to remove any bacteria, debris, allergens, or dandruff that may be in your eyelids and eyelashes.  This will help your eyes stay lubricated throughout the day, help prevent allergy symptoms, lower inflammation, and make the skin around your eyes look healthier / moisturized.  I prefer to cleanse my eyelids/ lashes twice per day (morning + night) with a quality eyelid wipe, followed by hypochlorous acid spray (Heyedrate).  This double action of ocular cleansing products always makes my eyes feel refreshed and ready to take on the day!


Hydrate your eyes throughout the day for comfort and to ensure your ocular dryness doesn't result in scratching your cornea when you blink.  There are many eye drops to lubricate your eyes.  I would recommend using a preservative-free eye drop to make sure you avoid any harsh preservatives entering your eyes. You can use Preservative-free eye drops throughout the day as many times as needed. I extremely benefited also using Manuka honey eye drops which help lubricate your eyes while also lowering ocular inflammation and bacteria levels. 


It is important to protect your eyes to prevent future dry eye symptoms from appearing.  Use eye goggles at night such as Tranquileyes goggles to protect your eyes from any dandruff/ bacteria that could enter your eyes overnight. These eye seals will also help your eyes retain moisture while sleeping. Use a quality night time ointment or gel drop before using your eye seals. This will ensure maximum lubrication to your eyes overnight. Also protect your eyes by making sure your Meibomian glands are opened daily by using a warm compress consistently. (Not just a wash cloth)


Now that you are taking all of the proper steps to treat your dry eye symptoms effectively, it is important to heal your eyes, so that you can begin to use less eye drops, and focus on finding everyday comfort without products.  To heal your eyes it is important to lower your total body inflammation.  I would recommend healing your symptoms from the inside by starting an anti-inflammatory diet and purchasing a complete dry eye supplement.  In more severe dry eye cases you can heal your eyes with the use of a prescription eye drop or in-office procedure. (Lipiflow, IPL, RF, Bleph ex)

Exercise can also help lower total body inflammation.

My Top Dry Eye Products for Relief Blog Posts

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