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How To Treat Eye Allergies With Allergy Eye Drops & Environmental Changes

If you have eye allergies, you know how tough they can be to live with.  Eye allergies cause various symptoms of discomfort that include:

-Itchy Eyes and Eyelids

-Red Eyes and Eyelids

-Gritty Eyes (Feels like sand is stuck in your eyes)

-Sore, Aching Eyes

-Swollen Eyelids

-Watery Eyes

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, you may suffer from eye allergies.  It is important to treat your symptoms immediately to help prevent further damage and find relief. Having these symptoms were not only hard for me to live with because of discomfort, but also for my confidence when I had an important meeting or event to attend.  Luckily there are effective treatment options to treat your eye allergies for both short and long-term results. 

Below is a quick guide for eye allergy treatments.  Read my eye allergy blog posts at the bottom of the page for more in-depth information on these treatments, and how to use them effectively in your dry eye routine.

Dandelion Fields

Discover the Best Allergy Eye Drops & Treatments

humidifier to help dry eyes

-Avoid dusty, smoky, windy environments

-Add humidifier to dry environments.

-Wear eye sealing glasses/ goggles in harsh environments.

Lumify for red eyes

-Avoid cheap brands like Visine & Clear Eyes

-Try a treatment plan to get to your root cause of red eyes

-If you need to use a redness relief drop for temporary relief, use Lumify.

Bonus Tips For Quick Relief:

-Use a cold compress on your eyes for a quick soothing effect that helps lower levels of itchiness, swelling, and redness.

-Avoid OTC antihistamine medications such as Claritin or Reactine, as these medications can dry out your eyes more.  

Eye Allergy Blog Posts For Tips & Tricks On Relief In Your Symptoms

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