Eyelid and Eyelash Hygiene for Dry Eye and Blepharitis Relief


EyeLid Hygiene Routine

Consistent lid+ lash hygiene is vital for achieving relief in your dry eye, blepharitis, and MGD symptoms. These steps will also benefit the skin around your eyes look healthier, be less flaky, and better moisturized.  Here are my daily steps that I take towards effective eyelid and eyelash hygiene.  I perform this routine once in the morning and once before bed.

1.Remove make up (If you wear it) with tea tree oil remover (Shop)


2.Wash face & eyebrows with tea tree oil foam cleanser (Shop)


3. Perform 10 minute warm compress at 110F.  (Pre-spray eyelids with Tranquileyes waters for less dryness & irritation on lids during compress)


4.Perform a lid massage, followed by high quality lid wipe, to gently wipe lid margin to remove debris/oils. (Shop MediViz Lid Wipes)

5.Spray Heyedrate hypochlorous acid on your closed eyelids to help remove any bacteria you may have missed, and remove any other contaminants. This spray will also lubricate your eyes and help lower inflammation.

(Shop Heyedrate)

6.Use Optimel Manuka Honey Drops for killing bacteria, lowering inflammation, and lubricating/ protecting your eyes.  Purchase Optimel Manuka Honey Eye Drops/ Ointment

7. Moisturize your eyelids with Heyedrate's new eyelid moisturizer cream.  This cream is free of harsh chemicals and only contains high quality ingredients.  (Shop Heyedrate Eyelid Moisturizer Cream)

A combination of adding all of these steps into your daily dry eye routine will kill bacteria in your eyes from all angles.  This routine will especially be effective for improving mild-to-severe blepharitis symptoms. Read my blog posts below for more information on how to build a quality eyelid hygiene routine!


Follow my eyelid hygiene routine with my OTC eye drop routine for maximum results. 

Click here to view my A-Z list of effective over-the-counter eyelid hygiene products!

Perform Warm Compress

Open up your Meibomian glands and release old, hardened oils to allow for the flow of fresh, new oils.  Using a warm compress will help prevent the evaporation of tears.

Cleanse Eyelids/Lashes With Lid Wipe

Get into a habit of cleansing your eyelids/lashes as you would like brushing your teeth. Clean them free of bacteria and old oils released from your warm compress.

Wash Your face

Wash your face with a good quality face wash such as Heyedrate Tea Tree Foam Cleanser.  Performing this step will help clean your face free of bacteria and dandruff that could end up in your eyes.  This step will help with blepharitis symptoms and improving the appearance of the skin around your eyes.

Use Heyedrate Hypochlorous Acid Spray

Using Hypochlorous acid spray is the cherry on top of a good eyelid cleansing routine.  Using this spray will leave your eyes feeling refreshed and hydrated.  This spray will help improve the skin around your eyes, remove any debris/bacteria that your lid wipe may have missed, and leave your eyes feeling ready to take on the day!

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